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Hospitality Management Overview

VSU Hospitality Management program

The VSU Hospitality Management Program is one of only 5 Historically Black College and University (HBCU) programs accredited by ACPHA. The objective of the program is to provide students leadership and managerial training with real world hospitality educational experiences. To complement the program’s competitive advantage, is its efforts to augment the hospitality industry’s access to a diverse talent acquisition pipeline. 

Mission of Department

To educate and prepare students to be informed citizens and leaders who can assume productive roles within the global hospitality industry and the community.

Objectives of Department

The Hospitality Management program will emerge as a Center of Excellence in Hospitality, which embraces global concepts, leadership, team building behavior and concepts, which are current and relevant to the dynamics of the hospitality industry. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ focus on operations management at the property level and prepare them for careers leading to general and executive management.

Areas of Focus:

  • Lodging Operations Management
  • Restaurant and Culinary Management
  • Comprehensive Degree Track (For the generalist)


  • The Minor in Hospitality Management is open to students from other majors and is designed to provide a useful overview of the major and will enhance awareness regarding various fundamental aspects of the hospitality field.  The additional investment in time will be an asset to a student graduating with a liberal arts or business degree and can be tailored towards their area of specific interest within the field. 

Hospitality Management Flyer

Hospitality Management Department Flyer

To view an informational flyer on the Hospitality Management Department, download the PDF

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