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The Hospitality Industry is the largest private industry worldwide. The curriculum is designed in recognition of the demands of the industry for well-trained and qualified leaders. The VSU Hospitality Management major, upon graduation receives multiple job offers. 


The Hospitality Management Department experiences placement rates of close to 100% each year for its graduates.  There is critical and constant need for qualified talent in the hospitality industry and with the projected growth for the future; companies are in desperate need of entry- level managers with the potential for leadership.  This also translates into a need for diversity within the ranks, from the entry level and more importantly through the executive levels, as the face of the nation changes.  Minority representation is needed to create balance in the higher echelons of the businesses that comprise the hospitality industry. Students are advised on selection of classes based on their stated career interest.  Internship placement will support the area of interest.

The Hospitality Management Department is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of career opportunities in the hospitality industry. The focus of the program is the development of managerial and leadership skills essential to all hospitality managers, with rigorous course work in management of hotels and restaurants, travel tourism, recreation, retail, convention and event planning; food service systems management; marketing; accounting; hospitality law; and general management. Students participate in laboratory experiences and are required to complete two supervised internships to ensure the application of classroom theory to the workplace and to prepare them for the operational challenges of the industry. Students gain added credentials and valuable learning experiences that will allow them to advance their career goals by taking nationally recognized certification courses and participate in professional conferences and study abroad programs. 


Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, students should be academically well-rounded professionals, with specialized knowledge, skills and competencies needed to thrive in the continuously changing global hospitality environment. Graduates of the program enjoy management positions in all area of the industry. The Hospitality Management Department is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA) since 1995. The mission of the program is “To prepare students to be effective and empowered hospitality leaders who can assume productive roles in an ever-changing global society.” The Hospitality Management core courses are listed below.

Areas of Focus:

  • Lodging Operations Management
  • Restaurant and Culinary Management
  • Comprehensive Degree Track (For the generalist)


  • The Minor in Hospitality Management is open to students from other majors and is designed to provide a useful overview of the major and will enhance awareness regarding various fundamental aspects of the hospitality field.  The additional investment in time will be an asset to a student graduating with a liberal arts or business degree and can be tailored towards their area of specific interest within the field. 

inductionNOTE:  Students majoring in all minors in Hospitality Management are required to pass all courses offered in the department (HMGT courses) with a grade of C or better for such grades to count towards their major curriculum requirements for graduation.  Additionally, students must receive a C or better in English 110  for their grades to count towards their requirements for graduation.

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