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Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Management Overview

VSU Fashion Design Program

This program prepares you for a variety of careers in fashion and textile industries. Course includes History of Fashion, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design and Principle of Marketing. You will learn how clothing is made, how it is marketed to the public and how decisions are made in the fashion industry. You will complete a junior and senior-year internship, which will help you refine your professional goals. Recent graduates of the program are pursuing careers in fashion design, marketing, retail merchandising and the fashion industry.

Students transcend fundamentals in textiles, apparel, merchandising and home fashions through technical management, creative skills, and knowledge to bring products to millions of consumer and to achieve satisfying personal resources and contributions to a global society.

Program Design

The program is designed to prepare students, via a broad yet focused education, for the diverse careers available in Textile, Apparel Design, and Fashion Merchandising and Management.

Textiles, Apparel Merchandise & Management Comprises three components:

  • Textile technology
  • Apparel Design & Production
  • Fashion Merchandise & Management

Students Receive

  • Textile education
  • Specialized computer training in fashion design, pattern construction, fashion sketching, and body imaging.
  • Instruction in visual merchandising, product development, garment & apparel construction, and fashion show production.

TAMM A Fashion & Lifestyle Publication

"TAMM, A Fashion & Lifestyle Publication" is produced by TAMM students and features fashion editorials, current trends, styled images and more.

Issue # 1

Issue # 2

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