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Did you know:

  • Natural and modified ecosystems contribute numerous environmental services, such as clean water, clean air, and habitat for wildlife.  The value of these services is estimated at over $10 billion annually for Virginia alone.
  • Over past decades some wildlife species have rebounded, while others are on the decline.
  • 62% of Virginia and 33% of the US is forested.   Many cities also have unique urban forests.
  • 80% of Virginia forestland is owned by non-industrial private forest landowners. (Rose 2009)
  • 1/3 of streams in Virginia are impaired. 
  • Virginia’s forest industry generates $17 billion annually, and employs 100,000 people. (Rephann 2013)
  • Natural resource management is a multidisciplinary field, including biological, physical, and social sciences, as well as arts and humanities.  YOU have something to contribute!

Science-based management of natural resources such as woods, water, and wildlife is essential to ensure maximum benefits for society now and in the future?

What brings you to VSU?


Are you a current or prospective future VSU student that is interested in exploring a degree or possible future career in Natural Resource Management or Forestry?

Are you a forest landowner, homeowner, or property owner interested in knowing how you can better utilize and manage your resources?

Are you a natural resource professional or planner interested in learning more or collaborating with VSU?  Please contact our Faculty.

Are an organization or business that hires forestry and natural resource professionals, or is interested in supporting our program?  Please contact our Faculty.

Ayuda en español

Para información en español sobre el manejo de recursos naturales, incluyendo la producción y mercadeo de los cultivos horticultura, por favor comuníquese con El Dr. Reza Rafie, Especialista de Extensión (se habla español).

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