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The Environmental Research and Outreach Program addresses issues in water quality, nutrient management, pesticide fate, best management practices, and wetland ecosystems. Studies are conducted to develop best management practices (BMP) for efficient and economical management of agricultural chemicals, evaluate and demonstrate the functional value of wetlands and riparian zones for water quality impacts, and determine the fate and transport of agricultural chemicals in the environment.  The goal of the environmental program is to develop and promote conservation practices that protect water quality and farm profits.

Current studies include investigations on the fate of agricultural chemicals in soil and sediment, and effectiveness of conservation grasses in abating the transport of nutrients and pesticides. Staff participates in the development and teaching of soil and environmental science courses.  Students are also afforded part-time employment and hands-on experience in water quality research techniques.  Staff work directly with clientele to provide currently available knowledge for implementation of best management practices to protect water quality and enhance farm profits.  Research based water quality information and applied technology is also disseminated to the agricultural and urban community and general public through publications, conferences, workshops, and tours.

Contacts: Asmare AtalayWondi Mersie

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