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Education grows for a lifetime. Do you want the opportunity and facilities for advanced study and research skills and the competency necessary for a successful professional career in the physical and biological sciences?

The Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Plant Sciences program encompasses all aspects of plant life integrating concepts and information from the molecular to the ecosystem level. The principal objective of this program is to educate students in concepts and research methods in field/horticultural crops, soils and natural resources. This is achieved through course work and research that bridge a number of physical and biological sciences. The M.S. degree is designed to further the professional training of students through formal courses while at the same time teaching students how to conduct research and present pertinent results.

Randolph FarmRandolph Farm, the university’s 416 acre agricultural learning center, is home to a multitude of agricultural related research, demonstration, and instruction activities. In addition to producing row crops typically grown in the region, the farm is utilized for research and education in areas of new and niche crops, alternative cropping methods, horticultural crops, nutrient management, water quality, animal production, and aquaculture production.

The centerpiece of the farm is the Cooperative Extension Pavilion located on the north side of the property. The Pavilion houses faculty and staff offices and laboratories. It also contains meeting areas that are frequented by members of the agricultural community sharing research and educational information. Other farm amenities include approximately 130 acres of irrigated cropland as well as 18,500 square feet of greenhouses and high tunnels. This includes a new technologically advanced 4,000 square foot greenhouse complex with adjacent laboratory, preparation, and meeting areas.

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