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The New Crops component of the Plant Science Program aims to diversify cropping systems to enhance agricultural income and profitability, protect water quality from runoff containing nitrogen through reduced fertilizer use, and support production of protein-rich grains for food and feed uses.

New CropsThis program is currently researching canola, white lupin, tepary bean, summer grain legumes (lablab, pigeonpea, and guar), and winter grain legumes (chickpea, lentil, and winter pea). Extensive research is being conducted for Biological N Fixation. A new initiative consists of demonstrating on-farm production of biodiesel from canola oil. This program has previously researched a wide array of potential crop plants including castor bean, kenaf, sunn hemp, mungbeam, tepary bean, faba bean, meadowfoam and vernonia.

Contact: Harbans Bhardwaj

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