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Department of Agriculture offers a number of scholarship awards to incoming and returning students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Financial assistance is also offered to students with documented needs. Decisions on financial assistance from the department are based on availability of funds and are treated on a case by case basis.

To apply for any of our scholarships, print, complete and return the scholarship application form (PDF) to the Department office on/before the stipulated deadline.

VSU-MSP Scholarship Awards

The Virginia State University Multicultural Scholars Program (VSU-MSP) is sponsored by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) with support from Virginia State University. 

Scholars enter our strong Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program, with specializations in Agricultural Business and Economics, Animal Science/Pre-vet Medicine, Plant Soil and Environmental Science and Dietetics. Along with the B.S. program, a summer experiential learning (SEL) program will be used to achieve this goal. Our commitment to attract very bright students from underrepresented groups will also aid in enhancing multicultural diversity in the nation's agricultural scientific and professional workforce as well as offer these students a rewarding career in Agriculture.

Learn more about the recruitment criteria (PDF).

Our 2009-2010 Scholars and Their Respective Concentrations

  • Bianca Forbes
    Agriculture Business and Economics
  • Morgan EdwardsMorgan Edwards
    Animal Science and Prevet Medicine
  • Walker JonesWalker Jones
    Agriculture Business and Economics

Our 2010-2011 Scholar

Applicants interested in other scholarship offers can contact the department office.

"Support for this student training project is provided by USDA Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program Competitive Grant No: 2009-38413-05225 from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture." 

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